FUTURE FEST – Ft. Jason Bradbury


8th October, 11am – 4pm in the Engine Shed.  The University of Lincoln will host FUTURE FEST.

There will be a notable appearance from Jason Bradbury, host of The Gadget Show and Visiting Lecturer at the University of Lincoln, who has constructed his own detailed DeLorean replica from the Back to the Future film franchise, and will be greeting Future Fest visitors alongside his vehicle as Lincoln’s very own Doc Brown.

This is a free-to-attend one-off spectacular that will showcase past, present and future technological innovation and highlight the advances that have been made since the launch of the blockbuster film franchise Back to the Future in 1985.

For more information and to book on to this event, visit our Events page.

Jason Bradbury had said, “Future Fest represents a fantastic opportunity to take stock of exactly how far the world has come in terms of technological advancements over the last three decades. When Back to the Future first hit our screens in the 1980’s there was so little consumer tech around, but now amazing new inventions and innovations are being launched on a daily basis.”

Jason Bradbury’s appearance at Future Fest follows his free public lecture at The University, entitled The Thousand Year Decade, at 6pm on Wednesday 7th October. For more information and to book your place at this talk, visit our Events page.

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