LSFM at AESTHETICA Film Festival 8th – 10th November

The University of Lincoln and the LSFM (Lincoln School of Film and Media), will be hosting a showcase of work at the “Aesthetica Film Festival” on Friday 10th November at York Theatre Royal.

Our showcase is entitled Challenges of Originality and will feature work by staff and students from the university . -This event is free to the public as part of the 5-day festival and hopefully will be well attended. As well as having a showcase there will also be question & answer discussions after the screenings.

There will be screenings of work by staff and students such as:

Dr Mikey Murray (Staff – director of film ‘City’)

Tony Richards (Staff – Director of experimental film ’Worldless’)

David McSherry (Staff – composer and sound designer of ‘Worldless’)

Philip Stevens (Staff & Alumni – Director of ‘The Last Viking’ and ‘The Empty Throne’)

Dominique Webb (Producer of ‘The Empty Throne’)

Joshua Brown (student – Director of ‘Emporium’)

Dan Davison (student – Director of ‘Night Drive’)

Chris Hainstock : Host (also sound designer for The Empty Throne)

This is a BAFTA recognised film festival which evidences the amazing work that both the university and the LSFM are involved with.

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