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MA Fine ARt

to be discussed’ is the title for the thought-provoking 2015 MA Fine Art Exhibition, open in the Project Space Plus gallery at the University of Lincoln from 9th until 18th September.

It is the work of four artists completing their MA degrees this year. Elizabeth Wright, Malynda Umland, Eleni Zevgaridou and Michael Wilde are showing how they have worked independently to portray issues of emotional and social experience in the complex collective and individual struggles we face as we move forward in our lives.

Elizabeth processes material repetitively to assimilate new realities of human experience and extend enquiry into emotion and the pain of loss.

Malynda examines the personal conflict between desire and postponement in a protracted emotional struggle to plan a family with all the sacrifice and denial it entails.

Through sculpture, Eleni examines body language and human nature in a social context. Her work demonstrates coexistence, relationships, loneliness, tolerance and prejudice.

Michael’s work shows only brief glimpses of images in order to reduce the possibility of reinterpretation. A viewer may respond to one or two of them as being of thoughtful or emotional significance.

The artists have produced contemporary work showing a diversity of self-expression reflecting the human psyche and personal struggle.

As the title suggests they are providing material for deep thinking, personal consideration and future debate.

9th-18th Sept // 9am-4pm, Mon to Sat // Project Space Plus, AAD Building, University of Lincoln 

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