Baroness Warwick visit UoL Steudents!



The School of Architecture & Design welcomed Baroness Warwick, chair of the National Housing Federation, to the University this morning.

The occasion was the launch of a new guide to building houses for older people in Lincolnshire.

University of Lincoln students from Architecture, Health and Business had worked on the six-month project organised by Dr Primali Paranagamage with Nick Chambers from LACE housing.

They drew on a large body of existing literature to co-design a series of architectural solutions that would work specifically for Lincolnshire – a large, rural county with a high percentage of older people.

Baroness Warwick presented students with certificates recognising their participation in the project and then visited the University’s Computer Science Department to see at first hand their work with LACE around assisted living with robots.

Read more about it here:

UoL Architecture Students Danai Moutaki. Iosif Taouxis, and Georgios Zacharopoulos receiving certificates

Research Indaba

research indaba2





Research indaba is a day-long celebration of our School’s research.

join us for an opportunity to experience and to be inspired by the diversity and depth of research, scholarship and practice in the school.

Research Indaba is a non-teaching day in the School of Architecture and Design to allow students and staff to attend this event.




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Comic Book Society Event!

Big Punch 2

Join the Comic book society today at 7pm in the Jackson Lecture Theatre, main Building as they welcome ‘BIG PUNCH STUDIOS’!

Big punch Studios will be talking to the society about the work they do, in writing, illustrating, and publishing a number of comic book series

Go along for a chance to explore the world of comics, publishing, writing, animation and More!

MAIDE Student Creates Street Fashion Range

The project has used abandoned or waste objects to create print formers for the street printing and making of different garments. The object used have included an old car door, an ironing board, a hello kitty TV dinner tray, table tennis bat, skateboard, scrap wood and many other objects.

In April 2016 Senior Lecturer Dave Bramston, created print work using found objects in Xuzhou China which was experimental and led to the development of the street fashion project by Miyoung Jang.

In early July 2016 Miyoung Jang (MA International Design Enterprise) and Dave printed garments on the street in a small Chinese village in Guangzhou China. Locals printed and made garments on the street, followed by a street fashion show. The same project was conducted in the Sincil Bank area of Lincoln and again the local community printed garments on the street and items were made for a fashion show.

Miyoung Jang, Chantelle Ho and Steve Nash (both Fashion) and Dave worked on the project with local residents. Dora is a local resident who has connected with the project since July 2016 printing and making garments and other wares.

In September 2016 Miyoung Jang and Chantelle Ho and Dave went to Tsinghua University Beijing to conduct the project in China. The work involved students from the international foundation programme at Tsinghua and the 33 piece collection was shown at Beijing Design Week 2016.

The techniques and approaches to print have continued and the garments have been many.

Miyoung Jang graduated January 2017 with MA Distinction and continues to develop the practice. The association with communities both in China and in Lincoln has provided opportunity to work closely with both Lincoln City Council and Lincolnshire City Council. The aim now is to develop a range of street printed garments and to meet with parent companies of high street retailers to get what has become know as the WHITE GARAGE brand into a high street store. The project aims to be developed in other cities in the UK if successful in being retailed in Lincoln.

The project uses abandoned materials, brings communities together providing enterprise and entrepreneurial experiences and aims to generate some income for the community members. Being locally produced the garments have a low carbon footprint as they are not being shipped and those behind the WHITE GARAGE brand know exactly the ethics associated to all the garments.

It is hoped that a retailer will provide a rack for 10 garments that are locally produced each week from different found objects. This will show the retailer directly engaging with the communities, will provide community income and will bring an increased number of local residents into the store.

The hotshot this morning is to prepare documentation for sending to London to a recognised parent company of many high street stores. A second photo shoot will probably take place and all those involved will be asked to join a panel to decide on the most appropriate photographs to send to London. The brand is street and edgy and so this was the art direction for the photoshoot.

Good Luck to Dave Bramston & Miyoung Jang!

MAIDE Fashion Project
Using found objects to print in Xuzhou China, April 2016

MAIDE Fashion Project
The Zebra Prints from Xuzhou, April 2016

MAIDE Fashion Project
Miyoung Jang & Dave Bramston Street print Guangzhou China, July 2016

MAIDE Fashion Project
Local community print and then made garments on the street in Guangzhou, July 2016

MAIDE Fashion Project
Miyoung Jang street printed garment, July 2016

MAIDE Fashion Project
Miyoung Jang and Sincil Bank resident Dora Dimitrova street printing fabrics in Lincoln, July 2016

MAIDE Fashion Project
Chantelle Ho with street print made form orange fence pulled from Sincil Drain, July 2016

MAIDE Fashion Project
Miyoung Jang cutting car door former for street print

MAIDE Fashion Project
Car door print

MAIDE Fashion Project
Table tennis bat print – Miyoung Jang, Chantelle Ho, Dave Bramston and Tsinghua University students

MAIDE Fashion Project
Classroom desk print – – Miyoung Jang, Chantelle Ho, Dave Bramston and Tsinghua University students

MAIDE Fashion Project
Scrapwood print – Miyoung Jang, Chantelle Ho, Dave Bramston and Tsinghua University students


GoEco invites you to participate in art internships abroad


GoEco invites students and faculty to participate in our art internships and volunteer projects abroad!

Different locations for different schools!

Kathmandu for School of Fine and Performing Arts

Zimbabwe for School of Film and Media

Costa Rica for Art and Design students

Educational outreach in Kathmandu


Travel to Kathmandu, Nepal and directly contribute to the well being of the nations’s upcoming generation. Teach core subjects, lead arts workshops, and develop creative enrichment activities such as dance and movement excercises

Wildlife Photography and Conservation in Victoria Falls


Take part in a 3-day photography workshop, and then put your skills to use as you photograph the wildlife in the area. The images are used to identify animals, territories and biodiversity.


Teaching and Social Work in San Jose

Costa Rica

Utilize your skills and knowledge of the arts to give back to at-risk youth. You will work with our local team to choose your placement, which can involve activities such as arts and crafts or education to enrich the lives of vulnerable children.