The Lincoln Company at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Heading to Edinburgh Festival Fringe this August? Make sure you go see our School of Fine & Perfroming Arts‘ alumni and students who are performing as The Lincoln Company at C Venues. Check out the shows that were selected to go:

The Addams Family

The Addams Familu

The Addams Family request your presence, spiritual or otherwise, for an evening of morbid musical capers. Join Gomez and Morticia Addams as they are forced to face the most unimaginable torture… their future in-laws. That’s right: Wednesday Addams is in love and is switching her crossbow for a bouquet! The resulting shenanigans show the Addams Family as you’ve never seen them before. Can they keep up appearances and have one ‘normal’ night? Come along and reacquaint yourself with the divine darkness and exquisite sorrow.

C venues – C too (Venue 4) // Aug 6-17, 19-31 // 16:30 //  1 hour 30 minutes // Tickets



It’s 1965, and Hal and Dennis have just robbed the bank next to the undertakers. Dear old mum’s conveniently just died, there’s a coffin waiting to be buried, and they need somewhere to stash their loot. Keen to cop a crook before the day is up, Detective Truscott is hot on their trail, and mum’s corpse reappears at the most inopportune moments. Can the two get away with their crime? The macabre collides with the hilarious in Joe Orton’s fast-paced, side-splitting play set at the height of rock’n’roll. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of this outrageous farce.

C venues – C (Venue 34) // Aug 5-17, 19-31 // 20:30 // 1 hour 15 minutes // Tickets

Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night

In this economy, a nostalgic record store sounds like the perfect moneymaker; anything to get you off your Game Boy, out of your parents’ basement and into the real world. A group of well-meaning, infatuated, reckless teenagers take on a business with limited growth potential and next to no customers. Hell, it’s better to burn out than fade away. A laconic cut of Shakespeare’s misguided comedy brings to light the love, loss and dedication of die-hard music fans: who needs money and a girlfriend anyway? Rock’n’roll, baby.

C venues – C too (Venue 4) ​ // Aug 6-17, 19-31 // 12.00 // 1 hour 15 minutes // Tickets



We cook. We clean. We cry. We buy shoes. We wear bras. Sometimes we burn them. We bitch. We moan. We seduce. We give birth. We menstruate. We wash clothes. We pick arguments. We know what we want. We are attention seekers. We are the emotional sex. We are from Venus. Drawn from fact and fiction, history and fantasy, Womenswear explores the point where expectation and reality meet. The Lincoln Company uncovers and confronts stereotypical attitudes towards womanhood. Follow us on a journey to discover the truth behind the stereotype and reveal the real life that women wear.

C venues – C nova (Venue 145) ​// Aug 5-17, 19-31 //14:00 // 50 minutes // Tickets



A tattered map. Outdated, well-loved, and a nightmare to fold. Sarah is busy dying, counting down her heartbeats until her untimely death. She is studying maps of places she never intends to go. John is driven to travel by the need to be someone interesting. He is drawing lines across continents, counting the borders he’ll cross and the cities he’ll see. Both are looking for a future when they meet each other. Through song, string and a bright red anorak, this is a show that asks if we’ll know happiness when we get there.

C venues – C nova (Venue 145) ​ // Aug 5-17, 19-31 // 12.00 // 50 minutes // Tickets

[Snobs and Clowns] at Project Space Plus

[Snobs and Clowns]

16th July – 1st August

Preview: Wednesday 15th July 7-9pm.

Exhibition opening times: Monday – Friday 10-4pm.

[Snobs and Clowns] will be taking place at the University of Lincoln’s Project Space Plus gallery from 16th July-1st August. Working in partnership with Media Archive for Central England (MACE) the project sets out to explore the concept of archiving in a novel way, with artists taking into account not only the physical films that are archived within MACE but also the methods and equipment involved in the acquiring, archiving and digitalising of moving pictures.

[Snobs and Clowns] is the final show in a series of free independent exhibitions happening across Lincoln starting in May 2015, all projects have been curated by postgraduate students from the University of Lincoln’s MA Contemporary Curatorial Practice programme.

[Snobs and Clowns]

Information about the Artists:

 Patricia Ferguson

Capturing the Transient

‘The phrase ‘caught on film’ suggests that that something is being captured. It is of course trying to capture time, to hold still our experiences, our memories of people and events. The past illuminates our identity, our shared stories; our sense of who we are comes from an understanding of what has gone before. A reel of film is a series of individual images, each one momentarily freezing a split second of the past. In this exhibit I have selected individual frames from old cine film and printed them on fine silk, holding a moment in time in a very physical sense yet alluding to their temporal nature with the transparency of the material.’

 Michael Wilde

MACE Archive Study

‘This collage is a simple representation of the significance of an archive in maintaining the identity of a place and of preserving evidence of past eras of its people and environment.’

James Richardson

Use / Uselessness / Purpose / Purposeless

‘These issues are a contentious one; for those with an interest in art. Especially, when it comes to the undesirable truth that the practice of the subject, is futile in many tangible ways – measurable by the uninitiated. These two objects, offer a small summary of the anomalous way that I make work. Their pre-determined use is limited, their scope – potentially vast, (once applied with a larger degree of professionalism.)’


  1.  Take your projector
  2. Enter the room, and manually focus the projector by moving it closer / further from the wall
  3. Once focused, use your magnification glasses, to enlarge the video

[Snobs and Clowns] is curated by Enya Whitwood.

Audio tour launch marks culmination of historic BBC collaboration

An audio tour of a historic Lincolnshire church will be launched today in the culmination of a landmark collaboration between the University of Lincoln and BBC Radio Lincolnshire.

The audio tour of the 13th century Church of St Peter in Friesthorpe represents the finale of the poignant Leaving Home project, which commemorated the centenary of the beginning of World War One. The innovative collaboration between the University’s School of Fine & Performing Arts and BBC Radio Lincolnshire remembered the tragedy of the local Beechey family, which lost five sons to the WWI conflict.

The family is one of only three in the UK known to have lost so many sons, and throughout July and August 2014 their story was remembered in a series of moving tribute performances and radio broadcasts. All performances were co-written and directed by Conan Lawrence and Dr Andrew Westerside from the University of Lincoln’s School of Fine and Performing Arts. They were produced by Conan, Executive Director of the Leaving Home project, and featured a cast of Lincoln students and graduates alongside professional actors.

The new audio tour, which represents the final strand of the Leaving Home project, was also written by Conan and was produced by Michael Hortin of BBC Radio Lincolnshire. It includes original BBC content as well as excerpts from the various productions, highlighting the family’s sacrifice while providing visitors with an informative narration about the fascinating history of the church and its surrounding village. The audio tour is narrated by Lizzy Hayes, a recent Graduate of the School of Fine & Performing Arts.

Its creation was possible thanks to a grant of £3,500 from the Heritage Lottery Fund to the Parochial Church Council of St Peters. The grant also supported the restoration of the historic church bells, which were rung for the first time in more than 100 years as part of the moving Leaving home performance in Friesthorpe. This performance and the wider project were featured across BBC1 and BBC News 24.

The ceremony for the unveiling of the audio tour will be broadcast live on BBC Radio Lincolnshire at 11am (Friday 15th May). To listen online, visit:​

Story Credits: Elizabeth Allen

Literature-inspired art festival launches in Lincoln


A nightclub, a church, an underground Roman gateway and a 12th century Guildhall once used for storing royal wines are some of the unusual locations which will be transformed by a new literature-inspired arts festival.

Running for a week from Monday 4th May 2015 at venues across the city of Lincoln, UK, the event will offer audiences the chance to experience interactive installations inspired by the late American author Kurt Vonnegut.Vonnegut, described as ’the counterculture’s novelist’, was a prisoner of war during World War II and survived the bombing of Dresden in an underground slaughterhouse meat locker used as an ad-hoc detention facility. This was the inspiration for his most famous novel, Slaughterhouse-Five, and his experience of war had a profound influence on much of his work.

The Vonnegut Arts Festival, launched by a group of 30 creative students from the School of Fine & Performing Arts at the University of Lincoln, will include five exhibitions located across the historic city. It will celebrate some of Vonnegut’s most acclaimed work and encourage new audiences to experience art through different mediums.

The festival is being organised by Jessica Smith and Ellen Young, both students on Lincoln’s Fine Art undergraduate degree.

Jessica said: “Bringing together emerging young artists studying at the University of Lincoln, we hope this exhibition will make art more readily available in Lincoln. The five exhibitions will be spread across the city in venues that may well be familiar to people, but which may not ordinarily be associated with art. By exhibiting in places that people are likely to visit as part of their daily lives, we hope to encourage new audiences to experience our work.”

Each of the exhibitions will draw on themes from a different Vonnegut novel. Slaughterhouse-Five will open in The Scene nightclub, Mother Night will take place in the ancient St. Swithin’s Church and The Sirens of Titan will transform Posterngate – the underground Roman gateway hidden underneath a bank in the centre of Lincoln.

The God Bless You, Mr Rosewater exhibition will take place in the basement of Circle nightclub, while Timequake will be housed in St Mary’s Guildhall – thought to have been the property of Henry II and built for the crown-wearing ceremonies of Christmas 1157. Since its construction in the 12th century, the building has been used for royal wine storage, as a Guildhall, school, undertakers, shop, council venue, and now a temporary exhibition space.

The festival will include interactive artwork from painters, digital and sound artists, sculptors and textile makers, many of whom will draw on the theme of time – a prevalent subject throughout Vonnegut’s novels.

Installations include a specially-crafted paint machine, through which the artist relinquishes control of the final artwork and encourages the audience to take part in its creation, and a sound recorder which takes its audience back in time to hear their own voice of the past.

Paul Edwards, Senior Lecturer in the School of Fine & Performing Arts, said: “All the students have been creative and dynamic in the way that they have managed this ambitious, site-specific project that requires finding venues not ordinarily associated with the visual arts and then making work that negotiates the peculiarities, limitations and opportunities of each location.”

Details on exhibition premiers and opening times are available via the Vonnegut Arts Festival Facebook page:

Story credits: Elizabeth Allen

Creative Careers Week


Not sure what to do after you graduate? Maybe you need help making your CV stand out in the creative industries? Wondering about going freelance, but not sure where to start? Creative Careers Week is the place to be to answer all these questions and many more! From the 26th-29th of May the Careers and Employability Team are hosting a week of workshops and talks to help and advise you. The sessions are free and open to students at all levels. For more information visit the Careers & Employability site.