Fashion Students Inspire Primary School Children with designs!

Fashion students across all years had the chance to showcase their newest collections in a bid to inspire local primary school children.

Pupils from Willoughton primary School explored what our BA Fashion course is all about during a visit hosted by Ann Draycott (Lecturer in BA Hons Fashion), Fiona Robertson (Fashion technician) and Pauline Lancaster (Fashion technician).

After a brief introduction into the world of fashion design children took part in activities including a viewing of the 2016 Fashion Show video, a tour of the fashion studios and finally a showcase of the students’ work from concept to design.

Read all about the students that took part and explore their work here:

Alex Hall, 1st Year
As part of a Visual Communication Module Diversity Project Alex created a piece based on 4 topics, Fabric focus, Customer, Trend focus and Ethnicity focus. She looked at how someone’s ethnicity can affect their body shape and in particular took inspiration from the Polish traditional style. She also took influence from the Digital Wave trend in the style and colour scheme.

Poppy Howell, 1st Year
As part of the same Visual Communication project, Poppy also looked at Digital Wave for her trend focus. However when it came to fabric, she decided to focus on intense metallic. She also got inspiration from fringed and frayed style and put that into her piece.

Fanny Godfrin, 3rd Year – Erasmus Student from HELMo Mode, Belgium
As part of the millinery  project she looked at Revival, Fanny took a lot of inspiration from the spine and ribs and the Turning Torso skyscraper in Sweden.  Initially she created origami paper structures resembling the rib and spine structure and then used this as inspiration to create the actual piece she used polypropylene sewn onto the hat.

Amy Sweaton, 2nd Year
As part of the Fashion and Architecture module Amy explored the idea of reincarnation and cocoons expanding. She created a piece where the inside was made restrictive by having a corset in it, whilst the outside was flowing. Her research included leather hand cutting sampling, digital printing and she used hot glue to create skeleton trees.

Ashleigh- Ellen Kavanagh, 2nd Year
Ashleigh-Ellen worked on a reconstruction piece of an 1873 dress as part of the Fashion Reconstruction module.  The pattern was rescaled from the Janet Arnold Patterns of Fashion 2 book, then digitised by the student and a digital pattern created. The dress was then manufactured using the techniques from the time.

Rebecca Lavallin, 1st Year
As part of a Visual Communication project Diversity, Rebecca looked at four different topics for inspiration. Firstly, she looked at metal hardware and Edgelands as her trend. She then looked at technical nylons for her fabric focus and a fuller figure for her customer focus. Rebecca’s inspiration came from rusty colours and stretchy fabrics. She thought about how they would fit and feel on a fuller figure.

Mollie Hawkesford, 2nd Year
In the module Fashion Identity Mollie undertook a trend prediction project designing a collection in which she explored what fashion may be like in the future, 2022. She also designed an outfit in collaboration with the Drama students, taking on the character Sempronious from the play, Timon of Athen. Her print work was designed by her and printed on the in house digital printer. You can read more about Mollies and her fellow students work with the drama students here:

Lydia Brown, 2nd Year
Lydia also designed a collection and a futuristic outfit focusing again on 2022, she designed a non-binary piece (either gender).  After looking at 80’s print she used that inspiration to make her own print. She called this piece ‘Merge’. In her sketchbook you can see the final designs and the technical elements of the piece.

She also created a piece called ‘Arms of Love’. This piece was based around the idea of protecting a child. It has a duvet look about it based on the idea that babies are usually wrapped up in plenty of layers. This was for the Fashion Architecture module.

As well as all this, Lydia also created a costume piece similar to Mollie. Her character was Falstaff from King Henry IV part 2. You can read more about her design and that of the other students here:

Megan Dexter, 2nd Year
Megan created an outfit that was based on the word ‘Peace’. Her own interpretation of that was lights so she took numerous images of light and used that to create a digital print.

She used the shingo sato method of pattern cutting as inspiration but adapted the pattern, and created a bubble skirt and cape.

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